Effective pigment lifting and lightening success! Botched Ink is an award winning product that offers PMU Artists the ability to remove unwanted or over-saturated pigment gently, comfortably and safely. Botched Ink® is a concentrated hypertonic saline solution for tattoo removal, which when implanted into skin, dries the area and lifts away unwanted pigment molecules during the natural healing process. 

Botched Ink® Saline removal can be used for:

* Emergency removal of a tattoo gone wrong
* Eyebrows, Lip Liner (outside vermillion border, natural lip tissue), Scalp tattoo pigment
* Lifting out pigment from oversaturated areas that have built up too much pigment density over time
* Lightening pigment that has healed too dark
* Lifting and removing unwanted pigment that has been applied in an unflattering shape or design
* Correcting small areas - perhaps a brow tail that is too long, or a stroke that is out of place
* Lifting out 'skin stain' - the russet/orange residue of degraded iron oxide pigments

Saline Cosmetic Tattoo lifting works best on pigment that is as fresh or new as possible. Areas that have had many applications of pigment over the years, or are more saturated or have potential scar tissue, may require more sessions as each layer of pigment molecules lifts out of the skin.
Most clients see improvement after 2-3 sessions. However, any type of pigment removal is a process, and as a rule a minimum of 3 sessions are advised initially, spaced 8 weeks apart. This is because pigment can initially look a little darker as molecules that are deep in the skin rise up from the dermis to the surface during the process.
After the initial 3 sessions, an assessment can be made and further sessions can then be booked, depending on the lift achieved and the desired end result. 

Why Botched Ink® Saline removal?
* The patented formula of this product has a PH that closely resembles that of healthy skin, meaning that it is gentle and non-irritating for the client, with no lingering burn or sting.
* The formula includes Aloe Vera which helps the solution soak into the skin, minimising the need for trauma, which in turn prevents scarring.
* The ingredients have been chosen for their drying and healing properties, which means that areas like eyebrows dry out within the hour. Clients can leave the clinic feeling confident.
* Botched Ink is the only saline tattoo removal product on the market that is available in individual per-treatment sachets, rather than bottles, meaning ultimate freshness and hygiene for the treatment.

Prior to booking a course of Botched Ink® Saline Cosmetic Tattoo Removal treatments, photographs of the problem area is needed to asses and discuss your treatment plan and desired outcome.