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Already a qualified PMU Artist and want to learn a new techniques to upgrade your PMU skill set?

Jasmine offers private training individually designed for what you want to learn.  Trainings must be one area per day as a minimum - but can personalise to your goals.

A beginner certificate must be submitted for review along with photos of recent works.

Training with Jasmine - Multi Award Winning PMU Artist will give you 1-1 time and attention. Our training courses will teach you the newest techniques and skills to become to become the best PMU Artist you can be with lifetime support. 


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Lips are a sensual feature. Adding soft layers of colour to the lip will naturally enhance the appearance. 


Keep up to date with the newest eyebrow techniques and styles in trend!


Eyeliners can be made super soft and delicate or made up to perfection.




Learn in a small group class! This will be cheeper than 1-1 training and on set days/locations. See whats upcoming...

Permanent Lip Makeup

Be a Model

Want to be a model for a training course? This means you will get a half price treatment! In return for having your treatment completed by a trainee supervised by Jasmine. Heavy theory, latex practice and technique perfection is completed before live models - so you are in safe hands.

Majority of training courses are held at Jasmine's Studio in Wickford Essex