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Already a qualified PMU Artist and want to learn a new techniques to upgrade your PMU skill set?

Jasmine offers private training individually designed for what you want to learn.  Trainings must be one area per day as a minimum - but can personalise to your goals.

A beginner certificate must be submitted for review along with photos of recent works.

Training with Jasmine - Multi Award Winning PMU Artist will give you 1-1 time and attention. Our training courses will teach you the newest techniques and skills to become to become the best PMU Artist you can be with lifetime support. 


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1-1 Training

All the attention on you! This style of training is very personal to you. A minimum of 1 day per area is needed to focus on theory and practical. This style of learning is £1,600 per day - theory, goodies and live models all included.




Learn in a small group class! This style of training is on set days/locations. My favourite style of learning as you get to network with like minded individuals for the cheeper price of £1,000 per day.

Permanent Lip Makeup

Be a Model

Want to be a model for a training course? This means you will get a half price treatment! In return for having your treatment completed by a trainee supervised by Jasmine. Heavy theory, latex practice and technique perfection is completed before live models - so you are in safe hands.

Majority of training courses are held at Jasmine's Studio in Wickford Essex